Business Continuity
Business Continuity

1 in 5 organisations will experience a disaster be it theft, flood, fire, storm damage, power or computer failure...

We advise our clients on the steps to implement regarding disaster recovery planning, ensuring that 'business as usual' continues in the event of an unexpected event... To be able to deal with unexpected events it is crucial to make sure that key company data is being properly managed and secured against loss. Traditional backup solutions, involving DAT tape or disk mirroring across multiple sites are provided to ensure mission critical operations can continue as usual.

System and Data backup is a critical component of any disaster recovery plan. In the event of fire, flood or other event its vital to be able to access the latest data sets as soon as possible. Our advisers help you to plan comprehensively for any eventuality by reviewing your architecture, systems and policies to ensure that plans for systems and staff are in place to keep your business running, should and DR scenario occur.

Some of the risks:

  • Loss of IT and operational systems & data
  • Loss of customers and business
  • Loss of key staff
  • Inability to function as usual
  • Loss of reputation and credibility
  • Financial and operational loss