License Management
License Management

Many UK companies are unaware of their exact licensing position, a full audit will likely save you money on your software licensing...

It is evident that a software asset management and license compliance solution can protect you against unnecessary license expenditure and infringement penalties while protecting your company’s reputation from the embarrassment of failing a software audit. However a comprehensive license management audit can also provide short term capital savings that far exceed its cost by comprehensively mapping your current license position for all IT systems in the organisation.

To achieve these license cost savings you need to know a lot more than just what software applications you have installed and what you've purchased over time. You will also need to be able to relate these to the unique and often complex license terms and conditions of your particular license for each individual software vendor to determine the correct usage rights for each product.

How can you benefit from a proper software management process:

  • Purchase fewer software licenses and drive down costs
  • Minimise and mitigate piracy & compliance risks
  • Reduce unnecessary software renewals
  • Maximise license volume discounts
  • Minimise IT audit costs