Local Optimisation

We deliver a strategy that brings your business the best possible return from both Google Maps & Google Local Business Centre ...

When you place a business search for a product or service in a specific geographic location, you will notice Google will list always businesses by specific location. This is a new feature in place to ensure your business is listed most relevantly in the local area maps and local business centres. Any business without such a listing is quite simply missing out on traffic and sales. For a fee of £275 + V.A.T we will fully register and optimise your business with the Google maps business centre service. From the information you provide us we will optimise your presence so you're using Google maps listings as a means to be found in a greater number of searches.

The Google maps business centre includes: -

  • Your unique Google account
  • Bespoke listing with Google maps
  • Company listing with Google business centre
  • Your company details optimised for the best keywords
  • Further relevant categories marketable to your business

The popularity of the links are crucial for both the page rank of your website and the quantity and quality of website traffic. It is this which measures the importance of the page. Aside from bringing more traffic to your website from people using the actual back links, SEO link building will also ensure:

  • Search engine robots (spiders) follow the back links between websites. The more back links you have, the more often robots will visit your site.
  • Many search engines count back links to your website as "votes" for you. They assume that if lots of websites link to your site it must be a relevant website and of high quality.

Google analytics account

We set up and register a Google Analytics account to monitor your websites incoming traffic. Just one month's monitoring will ensure you can have in place the best keyword matches for your local search which will drive traffic and sales!.