Mail & Web Security
Internet Security

Do you think your network is safe from malware threats? - More than 90% of malware is delivered over the internet...

We provide network and internet security advice & solutions to clients looking to implement perimeter security solutions that will protect your company and its networks from viruses, spam, hacker attack and malicious code whilst mitigating the threat of leakage of confidential information from within the enterprise.

All organisations and their IT systems are facing new threats that weren't under consideration just a few years ago, whilst data protection legislation and regulatory compliance require safeguards to be put in place to ensure that your organisation isn't the next to end up in the spotlight for a data breach or security incident. We can help you implement the appropriate network security and data security technologies to enforce your company's security policy.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Gateway perimeter security services
  • Email Security software solutions
  • Data encryption
  • Software & hardware web security solutions
  • End user internet filtering & management
  • Corporate data loss prevention