Office Relocations
Office Relocations

When relocating departments & IT systems it is vital to have access to experienced IT engineers to oversee the successful management of your move ...

When a business opens new branches or has to relocate and whether it be desktop computers or an entire server room or data centre, the logistical problems of any IT relocation are the same. Whether it is a department or entire organisation on the move both rely immeasurably on their cabling networks, IT systems, servers and PCs to arrive at the new location, fully functional and operational to an agreed time schedule in keeping with the needs of the business.

Our service includes:

  • De-commissioning existing computers, servers, printers and IT systems
  • Network data cabling in the new location
  • Power cabling & power management
  • Re-installation of all IT systems and network testing at your new location
  • Asset management and transportation of all equipment

Our engineers offer expert guidance throughout this critical period on all aspects of the relocation to ensure your move is successful.