Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling

Leading edge solutions providing integrated data, voice and video conferencing capabilities...

A proper structured cabling solution is a unified network wiring system used to transmit computer data, video and voice packet information between offices or throughout an entire building. We install all the necessary components from the cable itself to RJ45 connectors, cabinets, network terminating patch panels and any hardware networking devices such as switches or routers.

Structured cabling provides an integrated network solution that uses only the highest performance components designed to grow with your business as it develops. If you are an expanding business needing to upgrade your existing cabling infrastructure then you could benefit from a structured cabling (Cat5e / Cat6) solution. It is ideal if you need to add more equipment to your network, accommodate an increase in the numbers of computers, phones or users or if you are considering integrating the networking of your voice and data equipment for the first time.

Some of the advantages of a structured cabling solution are:

  • Providing an integrated data network solution
  • Ability to integrate voice packets & voice over IP
  • Utilization of video conferencing capabilities
  • To provide a modern scalable network solution