Web Page Optimisation

Optimising every web page is vital to having a site built to W3C standards and benefits your ranking in the search engines you target ...

Should you have an existing website in place which suffers with poor content, we will be able to enhance the site and page structures to optimise & improve the search performance of your site.

In a simplified format these are the key elements:

  • Page title optimisation
  • Meta tag optimisation
  • Geo targeting tags for local search - address tags etc
  • Semantic tags - H1, H2 H3 placed with keyword / phrase
  • Anchor text links with keywords & phrases
  • Keyword density ratios
  • Keyword phrases in 'alt image' tags
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Robots.txt creation

Depending on the number of pages requiring optimisation, we charge an initial set up fee of £300 to devise, plan and oversee your SEO campaign. Each web page is additionally charged at £60 per page.